Pipeline route_to_stream not working

Hi Community,

I tried to use a pipeline to route/duplicate messages from one stream to a second stream.
But nothing is routed. I see that the pipeline is processing messages but the target stream keeps empty.
This is my pipeline:

This is the pipeline rule:

This is a simulation:

It would be nice if someone has an idea or a hint for me.


Does no one has an idea?


Use the debug() function in your pipeline rule to make sure it is doing what you expect. You can watch the results of debug() in your Graylog logs:

$ tail -f /var/log/graylog-server/server.log

In the route_to_stream() documentation, you don’t need to clone the message beforehand, and I believe that unless you specifically use remove_from_stream() against message in the original stream, the message will be a member of both streams.

On a side note, rather than screen shots, posting code using the </> tool makes things easier to read.

Hi @smolit,

i’ll have a guess. :slight_smile: Are you using stream rules to route messages to stream? Then you should check the order of your message processors in graylog. See this thread, migh tbe the same problem?

@localhost gave the important hint.
Thany you.

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