What is the different when you have illuminate and without?

Hi all,

I do have illuminate in my graylog server since the start. However, I would like to know if anyone have different between illuminate and without?

As I have send in the my window log through Nxlog to graylog GLEF input. In additional, when I saw my search, it has routed into stream Illuminate:Windows Security Event Log Messages.

Illuminate does a lot of parsing for you, and pushes logs into the GIM. The GIM helps you to have the same fieldnames in your logs. Example: it will always be source_ip, and never be src, src_ip, client_adress or whatever you can imagine. This makes a search across multiple sources much more efficient.
Beside that illuminate enritches some logs with additional information with lookup-tables.

Understand that it will extract out some wording and put into a field.

But I did two example,

  1. NxLog send to Graylog Syslog UDP
  2. Winlogbeat send to Graylog beat

But I have notices that illuminate have done a transformation for the NxLog. But the Winlogbeat didn’t has any change.

I would like to know that illuminate accept any form of input?

nope, you have to stay within the available packages. I have not seen so much documentation in regards what and how it does processing, enritchment and so on. Here is the best I found: Security Content Packs

Hey @ihe,

Thanks for your reply.
Yea the documentation is very brief. What I have done is creating another server and compare both server to see what is the different.

But unable to see much different.

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