Implementing Graylog from Security point of view

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Does anyone have some document that what can be done in Graylog to deal with security in your organization.
I have done small part of Failed login from AD and Failed login from vpn. But want to do more and what can Graylog provide and what can I implement.
Some ideas that I can implement?

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Hello there

On the Graylog Enterprise side, there is a plugin called Graylog Illuminate:

more info:

A standard use of a platform like Graylog is to feed in your firewall logs, and then check the source and destination IPs of each request against geolocation and against threat libraries to detect external access/threats or internal illict activity. Good for detecting if someone is using the office network for torrenting or cryptomining too!

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I am using free version so I will look for information that can help with free version.



If your going to do this yourself there are things to consider. The correct and maybe separate INPUTs for all your devices in case you need to create extractor. Then you need to make sure the correct fields are generated not only for you Windows, Linux, Firewalls, etc… Next you will need to create stream to hold these filtered messages for alerting, Dashboards, Widget etc…

Here is an example of my lab, please take note this Dashboard for my Linux device ONLY.

Here is an example of my lab, please take note this Dashboard for my Windows device ONLY.

On both of those screenshots there is a stream with Event Definition attached for alerting if need be.
I’m not going to lie , it will take some time to set up and testing. Once your created the basic configuration it will work.

Hope that helps

Thats nice.

So this is what I did so far.
I have started with Windows DC. I am parsing logs from my DC which is all the AD roles on it.
I am using nxlog and sending only specific event ids because of the limit issue as I am only allowed to use 5G per day.

Module im_msvistalog
ReadFromLast TRUE
SavePos TRUE

I have created indices for my DC and then created stream for it. Then I go to search, select the stream which is domain controller and in the perform search box I write 4740 and I can see A user account was locked out.
I created a Dashboard name DomainController.
Now how can I create dashboards using these logs. Thats What I am looking for.



Glad I can help.

Just and FYI, a couple mistakes I have made were the folowing.

  1. Not enabling Audit logging in my AD server and since your using Windows this is disabled by default. For better clarity here is what I’m suggesting.

2.With Nxlog-ce fine tuning the configuration. Below are a couple ideas that may help.

@gsmith Thanks. I am stuck in Dashboard now. Can you please share your Dashboard settings?

Might be worth looking at this also Integrating Threat Intelligence into Graylog 3+ | Graylog

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I’m using GELF TCP/TLS inputs, and be aware this creates a lot of fields which you may need to increase you volume size.

Then I created Streams to route the Event ID’s need for failed logons, etc…

When the stream are completed I created Widgets and alerts from those streams.

@gsmith Thanks. I have done most of the part. Its only your widgets I am interested in. If you share screetshot of few of them that I can what settings you have for them.



Here is my failed logon attempt.

here is User Account was lockout

If you noticed there both attached to a stream.

Hope that helps

Perfect. Thanks for your help.

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Glad I can help.

If this post is completed could you mark it as resolved for future searches?

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Few things I want to ask you.
you have different settings then my graylog.
I dont have all these options. Like in Metrics section I dont have Field or name attributes.


I see,

Sorry, I was assuming you had version 4.2. What version of GL do you have?


4.0.13+f00a2cc, codename Noir

By chance can you update to version 4.1?

I tried with apt-update but it didnt go further than 4.0.13. I will check some manual to update it.

The section for Updating Graylog is a little hidden in the current docs, you can find it here:

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Remember once you have your new repo for Graylog 4.1, or 4.2 make sure you clean the cache then apply update/upgrade.

Some Examples:

yum clean all
sudo apt-get clean 
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