Web Interface Refreshes Every 30 Seconds

I am having issues with one of our Graylog instances, it keeps refreshing every 30 seconds or so for no apparent reason.
I am running Graylog 2.1.3+040d371 and have the Threat Intel plugin 0.9.2 also running.
I have just set up this instance so there aren’t any inputs, streams or outputs etc configured.
I have looked into the log files and haven’t found anything of interest, can anyone help me?


please check if your Graylog Version is compatible with the Plugin Version.

Hi Jan,
I have another Graylog instance that is running the same specs and also has the same version of TI installed, but this Graylog doesn’t refresh every 30 seconds.
I have been messing around with input and outputs, we are now currently not getting any logs in and I’m not sure why, but the constant refreshing seems to have stopped.


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