Web Interface not loading - Server currently unvailable

Hi Guys,

I have an issue with my test deployment of the OVA 2.3 beta.

I have deployed the OVA and setup an Elasticsearch single node running 5.0 to connect Graylog to.

As per the new guidelines I have used the new elasticsearch_host parameter in the graylog.conf in order to use the Elasticsearch HTTP interface.

The problem I am having is that the Web Interface will not load. It simply errors with the Server currently unvailable

The server logs show the following errors but I am not sure what they are an if they would affect it.

2017-06-06_07:42:04.11223 2017-06-06 07:42:02,136 ERROR: org.graylog2.periodical.Batche
dElasticSearchOutputFlushThread - Caught exception while trying to flush output: {}
2017-060-06_07:45:56.48424 2017-06-06 07:45:56,482 ERROR: org.graylog2.periodical.IndexerClusterCheckerThread - Uncaught exception in periodical

I take it there is an issue with Graylog connecting to Elasticsearch but I cannot see why. The Elasticsearch node is up and I can see that Graylog has created its indexes so I cannot understand why it is crashing.

Any ideas?



Hej James,

what Version did you test on? We have currently only alpha versions of 2.3 available.

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