Web components - what may be used


I’m looking into adding functionality to the fronted, by a plugin. I found the UI documentation (https://graylog2.github.io/frontend-documentation/) , which has shown itself very useful. I’m now at the point where I want to add some interaction with the backend, more specifically, I want to perform a search.

While reading code, to find out how that’s done proper, I did notice the SearchStore and the other SearchStore and the SearchActions. A very helpful commit message explains their existence. Another commit message also specifically mentions that its changes allow plugins to use said stores and actions.

Coming now to the core of my question. These components, SearchStore, SavedSearchStore, ViewStore, QueryStore, etc. all seem very intergrated to me in the sense that they used and build for offering search pages in the broader sense. Per view there is one query, one result.

For it doesn’t seem very applicable to use these to perform a search given an input (not a query) by user and then use the result to perform more searches on which the end result is displayed back.

Not just given this narrowed down use case I described but in general, should these kinds components be used by plugin authors, are they meant to be used by us?

Thanks for your advice


Anyone any thoughts on this? Maybe other people that are developing plugins?

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