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Hi there,

I hope someone can help point me in the right direction. I want to create an integration with Graylog that requires I perform searches and get the results. I have identified the methods needed for these through the API Browser but I cannot find any documentation regarding what parameters must be passed to these methods.

The API browser provides some information and the “Raw” JSON export provides a little more but it isn’t complete.

I’m interested in things like “queries” and “properties”.

This can see that this question has been asked before without any replies which makes me think that this documentation does not exist anywhere but I really hope that’s not the case.


Hey, I was the one asking that other question. Still no luck getting the /views/search endpoint to work, even checking what the search UI posts doesn’t give much help as it generates id’s somewhere behind the scenes.

We ended up using the legacy/search/{timetype} api. It works fine but still seems odd that the current api isn’t documented properly.

Hi all,
I have same problem, documentation of new API for search and widget is not clear.

@jan Can you please provide information, if there is API docs for new functions, or will you plan to release it in new versions (e.g. in API Browser)?

I did spot the IDs that were in the queries on the web interface. I assumed they were actually generated randomly by the client when sending to the server but I haven’t actually tested that theory yet.

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