Views is not working for users which have read permissions

hi people,

today i’ve tested the latest version 3.1.1 and i was quite surprised by the fact that the Views doesn’t work for users which have read permissions…

if i’m trying to click on create new i get

Page not found

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if i will try to load a view i’ll get an error saying

could not retrieve views
Fetching views failed with status: Error: cannot GET (403)

did anyone had this issue, if yes is there anyway i could fix this?


could you please be a little more verbose?

it would be helpful if you describe what you see in a way that people might be able to check and do not guess that are speaking of the reader role (?) or if you have created a custom role …

thank you.

hi Jan,

i have the graylog.reader user and assigned to it i have readers and Reader roles

the readers role has read access to everything, streams and dashboards

now when i login into graylog as graylog.reader user and i click on views->create new i get

when i click on views->load existing (btw i have a saved view shared with all the graylog users, just for testing) i get the following

i really don’t understand what might be the issue with it…
i have the same errors in both test environments and dev environment…

Hey @mariusgeonea!

Any use that uses the Views needs to have the Views User role, which admins implicitly have. Can you try adding it to your user and see if you can use the views now?

Many thanks Dennis, i was looking for it yesterday, but i have missed it.

thanks guys,

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