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We recently upgraded our ES and Graylog environment in order to be able to graph data from some proxy logs. In our case, we wanted to be able to see graphs showing the average upstream stats (upstream_connect_time, upstream_header_time, and upstream_response_time) over time. I was able to create a view showing that graph, but in terms of what I can do with it, I seem to either be confused about the how Views work or the Views feature has limited functionality.

For example, I can’t “attach” a graph from a View to a Dashboard so that my boss can see that graph along with other proxy stats on one page. In addition, I can’t seem to have multiple graphs show the same stats, but with different host fields, so we can compare the stats from different sites. I know we can create different Query tabs or different Views. but that the previously mentioned issue prevents us from being able to consolidate the graphs in one “view” (i.e. a dashboard).

Am I missing something about the functionality? If not, are there any plans to make this feature more functional?


Hey Hugh,

your observation is correct. Views currently exist as a standalone feature for gathering feedback and improving it. In one of the next major versions (currently planned for 3.2) it is going to replace the existing search and also have full dashboarding integration.

That being said, how do you like it? Is it improving search/analytics for you? What could we do better/which features do you miss? We would love to hear your feedback.


Thanks for the reply. We’re not currently what I would consider power users of Graylog, so I may not be a good representative of what that feature is capable of, but as it stands, it’s not all that useful to us. In terms of replacing the search functions, I see it as an improvement, but without the ability to do anything with the graphs, it’s far less useful. For us, the ability to create Dashboards with statistics in an easy to view format is a critical feature, so not being able to use Views for that greatly hampers its usefulness.

Is there a current rough estimate on when 3.2 would be released?


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