[v2.4.6] Can't find request information of a transaction

I need a request information in a message.
When I search it with transaction id, it only shows response header. But there should be request header as another message, too.
I need help about finding request information.

You question is not very verbose, please describe it in more details, post example message, search query and requested result, if you wan help from community.

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Thanks, I’ve just updated my question.

If the request was recorded some time earlier then response, expand message and use Show surrounding message (1, 5, 10, 30 seconds, 1 or 5 minute).

Probably you search for transaction id, that is not included in request?

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I’ve already tried that but it gave me this error for all options under “Show Surrounding Messages”:

Check if function Show Surrounding Messages doesn’t work at all (for another message), or only after searching for transaction id.

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Checked, It doesnt work at all

Check URL that graylog generated after opening Show surrounding messages, maybe there is a bug in that old version.

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It gave me a really long message which starts with Unable to perform search query

I mean check complete URL in browser after opening Show surrounding messages

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url and the message contains character like this

Maybe this is the reason why it couldnt parse

I mean URL, that you see in you web browser like Firefox, Chrome in address bar.

I know same characters exist in URL too, also couldnt find any difference in URL and between the query created by surrounding message

So try to find only very basic search, like xmlns and use Show surrounding messages.

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