Request and Response Messages

Is it possible to show request and related response in Graylog?

linking request/response pairs

depending on your messages that might be possible if you have something that connects the messages. Like a session cookie or similar id that is used in both messages.

Thanks, how do i pull the messages in the first place (XML) requests and responses
Do you have an example of how others have implemented.

how you do this depents on your environment and your needs.

using filebeat to ingest to logfile is one option. second option would be to use logstash to also preparse the xml. third would be to buy nxlog enterprise to parse the xml and ingest gelf to graylog.

i installed graylog-collector-sidecar

can you send me an example to setup for request and response for filebeat

i can see other logs, which tags do i put

sorry never done this myself

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