Using Laravel 5.5 to send log to Graylog

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i’m very new to Graylog, this is my first time here, and my first post too. i hope someone here can help with this question, i tried search on the forum for something related to my question too, but no result was found, i need send the logs from my application build in laravel to Graylog, i never tried it before, but a friend mine recommended me Graylog, so i’m giving it a try.

someone here already do it before? if yes, can give me any ideia of how i can do it?

(Jochen) #2

Check the Graylog Marketplace for available PHP libraries which support GELF:

(Leandro R) #3

where i can see the udp port on graylog? i need it to use at package

(Jan Doberstein) #4

if you refer to the port where you like to send the logfiles, that can be customized on the Graylog installation.

I think you refer to the option to send GELF messages from your Application to Graylog. You should create a GELF UDP Input in Graylog and take the configured Port in your Application.

(Leandro R) #5

found this package, looks good, i’m testing it

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