Uppercase Search issue

Hi all,

I am new in Graylog community so hello all :slight_smile:

I face an issue when I make a search on my stream. I have some field with lowercase value in it and the search works well, but if I try to perform a search against a field containing UpperCase value, it returns me nothing (except if I put the entire value). Example of search:

My field --> mnemonic:UPDOWN

My search:

  • mnemonic:UPDOWN --> OK
  • mnemonic:UP* --> KO
  • mnemonic:up* --> KO

For your information, I tried to use the dynamic template, even a custom template with either not_analyzed field or standard analyzer.

I also tried to put in configuration file the line: ''lowercase_expanded_terms = false".

Do you have any idea to how perform a search against a field containing an uppercase value ?

Many thanks,

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