Upgrade from 3.x


I’m sure this is not new, but I cannot find a decent step-by-step guide for this, so let me ask

I have a two nodes cluster of GL / ES, only one node is both, and the other just a simple ES node. Both are running find, but I think it is time to upgrade from 3.x to 4.2 and it seems a bit complicated process, so I’m looking for a decent, verified step-by-step guide including all the components (ES, GL, Mongo)

So far I know

  • I have to upgrade to 4.0 and then I can go up to 4.2 and this second step is quite easy
  • I’m using Centos7
  • my 3.x deployment is fully updated running latest GL, Mongo and ES supported
  • I’m using AD authentication with group based authorization and it should be kept

I found the following steps in another thread

Stop graylog-server on node A.
Stop mongod on node A.
Upgrade graylog-server and enterprise plugins on node A to latest.
Upgrade mongod on node A to latest.
Start mongod on node A.
Start graylog-server on node A.
Repeat all prior steps on node B.
Stop elasticsearch (messages will queue in Graylog server disk journals).
Upgrade elasticsearch to version 7.x
Start elasticsearch.

In my case nodeB just a simple ES upgrade I suppose

Thanks for your help in advance


I haven’t seen a verified step by step upgrade but there might be one out there! You can create one! :smiley:
Here is a similar post where @gsmith has some good tips on the upgrade process…

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