Unselected Stream gets into the Content Pack


I am creating a new Content Pack.

Initially I do select only those elements I need inside it - image CP_stream_01.png

But when I get to the final list - before Creating it - I see that a Stream I have not selected is present in the list - image CP_stream_02.png

Cannot see any way of removing the unwanted Stream Oracle Audit.

How can I exclude it from my Content Pack?

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Hey @altink

I also was unable to find a way to remove the content before creating a pack. By chance is that stream connectied to a dashboard or anything else you wanted to download?

Hi @gsmith,
and thank you for your reply.

Are you saying that the unwanted stream might be present in one of the two dashboards that I have included in my Content Pack ? And so it gets included in it - even without selecting ?

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Hey @altink

Im just guessing, Ive seen some crazy stuff like this happen in the past.

Thank You @gsmith

There are two dashboards, one TCP Input, and one stream in my Content Pack. The other stream is the “unwanted” one.

Indeed one of my forms has been copied by another dashboard containing the unwanted stream, but it was modified to remove that one and included the right (new) stream. The second dashboard was initially copied from the first, and modified - put a table instead of a group-by table.

Anyway, I checked every widget of my two dashboards, twice, and there is only the new “wanted” stream, not the old “unwanted” one.

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hey @altink

I did a quick test, the only way I can dupicate your issue is by creating a saved Search from a stream.

Create my Content pack

Results, As you can see it added my stream.

HI @gsmith,
and thank you for the reply.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but what do I get out of this ?

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Hello @altink

My example shows the only way that a mysterious stream will appear during a content pack creation would be if that stream is some how attached/configured to widget, dashboard,saved_search. Im not finding any other way this could happen in your stituation. Just a thought thou, you could ask for a feature request on Github.

Hi @gsmith

You said:
“stream is some how attached/configured to widget, dashboard,saved_search”

I did checked again all the widgets of my two dashboards (of my Content Pack), and in none of them the unwanted Stream is present. Although, my Content Pack has no saved searches at all.

What remains here is the dashboard element.

Where can a Stream be included in a dashboard - if it is not in its widgets ?

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Hey @altink

This is odd indeed. When saving a dashboard it could be upper right, this is shown in my screen shot from above, and when creating a widget its also in the upper right.

I guess the question is, what use it this stream for? Also Is this stream connect to any index set thats for this content pack? Just idea

Have you tried minimizing the content pack, meaning just add the Dashboard? if so does that stream appear? Perhaps we can narrow it down to find out when this stream does appear to a specific Title/type