Unable to see Graylog plugin in Live environment

Hi There,

Need a help in building a plugin as it is my first plugin, I am using Enterprise Integration plugin to build another plugin which works absolutely fine in development environment but one we build it we are not able to see it in GUI, i guess I am missing some sort of configurations, can anyone please let me know on this…

Renamed enterprise integration plugin, and built it, it was working fine in dev environment but once it is build it and deployed into production i could see the logs as plugin loaded but UI part is not coming in the tab.

Would be really grateful if I get some help in solving this issue.

Have a great day

You’ll have to provide some details about what you did to build the plugin, i. e. which commands you’ve executed and what their complete output was.

Take a look at the other topics in the “Development” category to get some ideas.

@jochen https://github.com/Manjukb/graylog-plugin-test this is my plugin code

i have cloned it using graylog-project repo adding it up in manifist.json

i have compiled using mvn compile in graylog-project folder it was success

below both commands were success

mvn install -DskipTests=true -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true -B -V

mvn package -B -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dskip.web.build=true assembly:single

i got a .gz file with all the jars and plugin folder

deployed using graylogctl in log it says plugin loaded but nothing comes up in UI

please help


I believe the -Dskip.web.build=true will skip building the web part of the plugin and it will not show in the GUI. Try removing that from the package command. That would make it so there was no web code in the JAR file. If you want to confirm that, open the JAR file in an archive program and look at it, my guess is that the .js files are missing.

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