Unable to see access logs in graylog


I have configured access logs of application in filebeat.yaml. sidecar is running and filebeat is running. But logs are not showing in Graylog.
Access logs hold API transaction details.

Please suggest me what changes should fix it.

Ipsita Das

Please let me know if i miss to update any details.

Hello, Ipsita, Sorry, you have not received a response. I will work with you to ensure that you get a proper response to your question. If you are available to speak with me at a convenient time, please send me email at david.sciuto@graylog.com

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Thanks David,

My issue is resolved. The output section has to be configured with logstash rather than Elastic search.

Ipsita Dash

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Thank you, Ipsita, for posting your resolution. I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue. Thanks, too, for being such an awesome Graylog Community member, too!

Awesome! Thanks for the response. I’m so happy you were able to solve the issue.

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