Unable to find and fix "Failed to index" messages

Hello team.

I see in graylog error log:

2018-02-12T08:29:13.059-06:00 ERROR [Messages] Failed to index [2] messages. Please check the index error log in your web interface for the reason. Error: failure in bulk execution:
[43]: index [graylog_205], type [message], id [17c10ea1-1001-11e8-a12a-0eba063f8ad6], message [MapperParsingException[failed to parse [received_at]]; nested: IllegalArgumentException[Invalid format: “2018-02-12 14:28:02 UTC” is malformed at " 14:28:02 UTC"];]

I want to find source of that messages and edit extractors to parse date in right way. But when i find by specified message id “17c10ea1-1001-11e8-a12a-0eba063f8ad6” in specified graylog index “graylog_205” it is no find any message. (sure thing i think because they was not indexed). How i can find at least by which input message come? From which source?

depending on how familiar you are with the processing pipeline you can just check for that kind of message and rewrite the date.

I don’t familiar with processing pipeline, we use extractors on inputs. I dont have idea from which input this message comes. How i can check that kind of message if i just know time and message id?

You can check all inputs that have “received_at” field. Check their date converters that they have the correct format string. If your log sources send date in varying formats, you might need to resort to the flexible date converter.

I look into log on elasticsearch nodes, they shows an error message field, where i found “source” field that way found who send to graylogs a wrong formatted logs. Thank for all.

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