Trying to configure beats for graylog


Hello graylog,

I am currently evaluating the best input plugin for my graylog instance. My goal is to push application logs from one server to graylog server and display the logs in graylog.

However, i still dont understand about the listening port part.

For example, when i use beats as the input, the form appeared shows that the listening address and port must be filled.

Question : What it means by listening address and port in graylog input context? It means that the beats plugin will receive logs from this address or the graylog will process the logs from this address? The beats just need to push to this port.

Thanks for your time to clarify.

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Listening address, listening socket, server socket, or bind address are all synonyms for it.

It’s the local network socket which Graylog will start the input on.

See for a more detailed technical description.

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