To make alerts for login in specific time range

Hello everyone,

Iam trying to create alert for logins in specific time. For example if there is a login at 2:00 am then there should be an alert.

I have created pipeline code which extract only hour field from the timestamp and I tried to query between a time range for example message:“login success” AND hour: 12 TO 5.

But in search result I only see logs during 12 hour not the range from 12 to 5.

If anyone have solution to it please let me know.

thanks in advance

  1. Do you use pipeline function which uses 24 hour format? Or do you use12 hours AM, PM?
  2. Graylog support searching in numeric ranges using one of these syntaxes:
hour:[5 TO 12]
hour:{5 TO 12}
hour:(>=5 AND <12)

Check docs for better explanation:

Hello shoothub,

Thank you very much for the reply, Yes I cretaed pipeline function which will see the time format I needed to check. I used pipeline funtion to split the timestamp and make query like you mentioned. it works.

Thanks again

have a great day

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