Get notifications from alerts that come during specific timeframe


I have configured some streams and based on them some alerts/notifications. Is there a way to get notifications if the alert comes up during specific timeframe? e.g between 9 in the evening until next morning at 8.

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remember this? :slight_smile:

Use those fields you made? with pipelines in the alert condition configuration search field.

In the end I tried to extract the hour out of timestamp field, using regex. But for some reason I get what you can see in the screenshot. The regular expression is correct. I have tried it, outside Graylog.

Typing with phone, so let’s see…
My 20 cents, but I’d go with pipeline and a rule something like below. You can leave minutes and seconds out if You don’t need them.

rule "split_timestamp"
    set_field("ts_hour", $message.timestamp.hourOfDay);
    set_field("ts_minute", $message.timestamp.minuteOfHour);
    set_field("ts_second", $message.timestamp.secondOfMinute);
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Perfect! Thank you very much

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