Timestamp mayhem


This may be a feature request of sorts.

Despite standardising the timezone across all devices on Europe/Brussels graylog is not catching on. This is in a lab environment to explore the quircks for using graylog as part of a future portfolio offering. Meaning, products which will be the preferred products to work with in the future for customers projects.

Thus far each time i ingest a new source there have been issues with the logs not showing up in search. I’m told or suggested each time this is due to timestamp issues.

The feature i consider here is a tool which report and detects such issues and maybe even suggest how to correct this. I mean, i see no specific error messages regarding but still this resurfaces. Last time i had no useable response on the forum so i had to throw away the data. This is very bad posture when it comes to being able to bring across a thrutful impression to potential customers.

I am open to explore suggestions or read any document regarding how to remediate such after or prevent such before happening.



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