Themes without bizarre backgrounds

No community is better at creating non-inclusive websites than the tech community. As a visually disabled individual, there is nothing that drives me more crazy than communities that have either have bizarre dark themes that are impossible to read for me, or better light themes with absurd background images that make it every bit as difficult to read. The community here is the latter. What is with the insane which squares on soft gray background? Image you are me. Looking at this page means only being able to read it for a couple minutes before having to look away with those squares flaring in your vision and making it hard to look at anything. Please, consider the people that come here that aren’t in their early 20’s with perfect 20/20 vision. A light plain theme is best for visually impared members. Not only is it easy to look at, but it then is also easy for our tools that create semi-contrast overlays to use.

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