The binding status between streams and inputs checking

after we added stream rules and binding to inputs, where we can see the stream was successfully bound to the inputs?

By checking if messages received by the input appear in the respective stream.

if there is a status of bound inputs in the stream list page for each stream and inversely, if there are status of bound streams in the input list page for each input would be great!

Please elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve.

i think i should be wrong with that i suppose that the rule was bound to input. the rule should nothing to do with input(i.e. it should be bound to all inputs), the selected input just for load messages. is this right?

Maybe you should add some screenshots with the screens you’re referring to in order to make things clearer.

I means something like:

of course if stream rules are binding to all inputs, that will not so important, we can go to input tab to check against.

Stream rules are applied to all message received by any input.

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