Stream Rule to Search for Messages with No Tag

I am trying to create a rule for a stream so that I can find any messages that come in that do not have a tag associated with them. From what I have tried I am unable to leave the value field blank.

test this

Thanks @juemue for the quick response.

I tried using that regex and I am still not getting any messages into that stream. I have sent multiple test messages but they get routed only to the “All Messages” stream. Is there a delay on stream rules getting updated or some kind of reload that I would need to do?

Is the field present ?
The stream rule works only when the field is present.

This could works, I can’t test ist because i have no input, that match


Yes the field is present and it just started working this morning when I checked. Not sure what changed but I appreciate your help.

I’am glad to help, sometimes strange things happen :wink:

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