Syslog viewer software for QNAP server

I have a QNAP TS-453EU that acts as Syslog Server. Unfortunately, I do not have much experience with it topic. After having consulted Google quite a lot, I decided to ask for help here hoping to find someone who is familiar with my need.

I have a SonicWall TZ270 firewall that sends its log (raw data) to my QNAP. I know that in QNAP Syslog section there is a viewer tab, but it is not what I wish to use for now. Obviously, I have to fine tune what data is sent from firewall to QNAP Syslog Server.

I need help understanding what software, preferably open source for now, can I use to make it connect to my Syslog Server and start consulting data. In short, I am looking for a viewer software rather than a server software.

I was invited to consult graylog (the opensource version) but I fear that this software does not act natively as a viewer, rather primarily as a server.
For the moment, I wish to avoid having to create an additional Syslog Server: QNAP I hope should be sufficient. Is it possible to reach this goal? If not, if I must replace QNAP with graylog what do I need for installing a graylog server the open-source version for the moment?

Thank you

Hello sAngeli
I’m new on here too so hope my advice is of some use after all sharing is caring.

My thoughts

You’re on a Graylog site asking for a log viewer which is just a viewer which will work for QNAP syslog and not as in-depth a system to create as Graylog so not sure if you should be asking for assistance in the QNAP forum instead but I do feel your pain as I have been there with QNAP viewer before myself and struggled with exactly what viewer is supposed to achieve!.
It does sound like you beginning down the road into Log investigation etc (apologies if you’re not) which will hopefully lead you back to Graylog in the future so a positive experience for you now may encourage that to come to pass.

Possibly the quickest handiest way to view logs from QNAP syslog is to get the logs (message) onto a Linux box (folder share etc) and use WSL if you’re in Windows or use Linux or Mac OS and install LNAV (URL here)

LNAV is free and once installed it is simple to use once you follow the guides on the site to explain and very nice to interact with albeit with limited function but it’s pretty solid and you can search for most things in its search function. Without over-elaborating that’s pretty much my penny’s worth for you and hope it helps and I hope that’s of some comfort for you outside the installation of Graylog poss down the line.

Hi Countsian,
I thank you so much for having replied to my post.

I was able to receive and consult data from firewall to NAS.

End result, after a lot of testing and reading on the Internet, I came out with the solution that I have to just download the message file (this is the name of the file QNAP Syslog Server creates and utilizes for saving log data) import it with Microsoft Excel and just consult it.

I did not find any specific software that helps me out generating reports or so. With Excel I guess I can manipulate data the way I need.

After using this solution for a bit if I see that I am not so happy with it I will switch to Graylog.

Many thanks for now

Ah, the joys of Excel and logs – grimace but as a low-tech solution its as good as any I guess… Not sure if you home-lab but this video guide for running up a GrayLab in the home environment using docker-compose got me started so I happily recommend Lawrence Systems videos and pass it onto thy self when and if you ever decide to spin up a Graylog server …

Sharing is caring :grinning:


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