Syslog Message Within Graylog Alert Notification

I’m having some difficulty with displaying the actual syslog message string in the notification email that’s sent when an alert triggers. I’m lost on the “fields” portion of the event setup and that may be my issue. I think I’ve read that ${message.fields.full_message} needs to go in the backlog portion. Here’s my setup:

Filter & Aggregation



Search Query

“Administrator login denied due to bad credentials”



Search within

5 minutes

Execute search every

1 minutes

Group by Field(s)

No Group by configured

Create Events if

count() >= 3


No Fields configured for Events based on this Definition.



Grace Period is set to 1 minute 30 seconds

Notifications will not include any messages.

Sonicwall Login Failures

Email Notification

Less details

|Description|3 or more administrator login attempts detected in the past 5 minutes.|
— [Event Definition] ---------------------------
Title: {event_definition_title} Description: {event_definition_description}
Type: {event_definition_type} --- [Event] -------------------------------------- Timestamp: {event.timestamp}
Message: {event.message} Source: {event.source}
Key: {event.key} Priority: {event.priority}
Alert: {event.alert} Timestamp Processing: {event.timestamp}
Timerange Start: {event.timerange_start} Timerange End: {event.timerange_end}
{foreach event.fields field} {field.key}: {field.value} {end}
{if backlog} --- [Backlog] ------------------------------------ Last messages accounting for this alert: {foreach backlog message}
{message} {message.fields.full_message}
{end} {end}

I have simply left default notification, it includes all fields

${if backlog}
--- [Backlog] ------------------------------------
Last messages accounting for this alert:
${foreach backlog message}


check if you setup Message Backlog to 1 and checkbox in Alerts - Event Definitions - Edit - tab Notifications - field Message Backlog. It’s a number of messages to be included in Notifications. If not configured, backlog will be empty.

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