Syslog input without source ip

I have installed graylog from scratch and able to receive messages from my switches.

But when I viewed the messages in graylog, it does not show the IP address where the log message came from.

it only shows source and the value is jan

I do not have any hostname configured as jan …

Anyway I want to be able to see the source ip address where the messages came from.

Could you kindly let me know how to configure it please?

Thanks much!

PS, This is such an amazing product!!!

I think my issue is exactly the same as here Source client appears as a month name instead of its IP/hostname as we are also using Huawei switches.

Is there anyone could create whatever is needed to fix this please?

Create a Raw/Plaintext input instead of a Syslog input in Graylog and use extractors or pipeline rules to extract the information you need from the log messages.

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Hi Jochen,

Your reply spots on! I just need to create a raw/plaintext udp input and do not need to configure anything else. It logs all the info I need and source IP is the device IP.

Perhaps you could add this into your FAQ for user with Huawei devices.

Thanks again!

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