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I have an input " System Log Syslog UDP" on Graylog and a few different kind of appliances (ie. router/firewall) and hosts setup to send the syslog to that input.


The problem is that it’s difficult to tell which host or appliance sent the message. Not all the log entries have the hostname or IP:

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I am unable to find any configuration option in Graylog to show or capture the originating IP or hostname.

Environmental information

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  • FreeBSD

Package versions

  • Graylog: Graylog v4.1.5+01c9198
  • MongoDB: mongodb40-4.0.27
  • Elasticsearch: elasticsearch6-6.8.16

Here’s another example. This time the source just shows a “1”

Would be helpful if you can give some full_message examples as well as showing all extracted fields. It may be that you have to change something at the sending syslog host or parse fields to inject a host/IP based on what you find in the message once it’s in Graylog. Worst case you can create a separate input where needed… but that seems inefficient…

Hello @tuaris

I agree with what @tmacgbay mentioned about creating a separate INPUT. I noticed in our environment some firewalls/routers logs are best suited for Raw/Plaintext UDP INPUTs then with Syslog UDP.

Here’s a few examples.

NOTE: Since I can’t post more than a single image or 2 links, I will refer to the images by name in here: Index of /downloads/unibia/screenshots/Graylog

This one corresponds to my second screenshot. The hostname of the system is storage. the FQDN is

Nov 21 00:02:50 storage 1 2021-11-21T00:02:50.543046-05:00 mountd 4020 - - mount request from for non existent path /mnt/CDImages
Nov 21 00:02:50 storage 1 2021-11-21T00:02:50.543071-05:00 mountd 4020 - - mount request denied from for /mnt/CDImages

This one that refers to dhcpd was hard to tell where it originated from:


However based on the message, it’s from this specific firewall appliance with a hostname protostar:


A good example of one impossible to determine where it from are these syslogd messages that are common to all FreeBSD systems:


I know it’s a FreeBSD system log message, here’s what it normally looks like in /var/log/messages. Where saturn is the system’s hostname

Nov 21 03:38:41 saturn syslogd: last message repeated 3 times

Finally we have this kernel message, for which if I didn’t already know which system was having this exact problem problem, I wouldn’t have now where to look.


Nov 20 23:10:47 europa kernel: mps0: Controller reported scsi ioc terminated tgt 11 SMID 2063 loginfo 3112011a

So it looks like I need to add a field to Graylog to include the source hostname/IP address?

I agree @gsmith - try a raw/plaintext input it may result in an easier time capturing your source.


dhcpd_original.png - FreeBSD systems looks like it is sending multi-line logs. Only thing I can think of to fix that would be a pipeline to group the individual lines together. Since that’s your firewall/router that may require a separate input and/or maybe a pipeline to group the separate lines together. The pipeline would then route all logs to defined stream for this purpose. You could also attach its own index. Just a thought.

Have you tried testing a new raw/plaintext input? This doesn’t mean you need to configure every source just one. Try it out for testing/troubleshooting.

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