Syslog input don't receive any packet

i’ve installed graylog-server on a debian server following this documentation:
i’ve configure a syslog input udp(port 1514) and configure a fw, a switch and another Linux host to send log to syslog-server (to the default 514 port). with tcpdump, i can see that log reach the server on port 514(udp) and when i check the iptables rules stats, the stats of the redirection to port 1514 increase. But nothing reach the input.

Help needed please, don’t know where to begin to find where is the problem.


Hello again,
i’ve found the problem (after looking for it since a days): the port 1514 where input is listening on need to be open on the server firewall!!! Learn that the INPUT chain is also checked for internal port redirections in linux.

Hope it will help somebody else.


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