Suggestion for Raspberry PI 4

I’m lookng for a suggestion for a log shipper for a Raspbian PI 4. I tried NXlog which I perfer but ran into multiply problems install libperl using AMD64. So im looking for an alternative solution to ship logs to Graylog 3.3. Any suggestion would be welcome.
Thank in advance

Hi, gsmith

I suggest that of Use Filebeat

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In some cases rsyslog can be sufficient.

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I finally installed filebeat on Raspbian PI-4. This was the first time I tried to install filebeat on my linux server. I ran into some problems with your link thou. It had to do with dependances and PI was yelling about unable to install on “amd64 needs to be arm64”.

Here is my Info on my PI;

The link below work for my environment but had to install some service/s (i.e. GO, etc…) to get it to work.
I ended up using pip3 instead.

Since these are little proxy servers I just create a new input ( Beats) and im good to go thank you for your reply.

NOTE: I tested PI-4 with 4,500 New values per second and hardly used any recources. CPU was 30%, memory 2.5GB, 40 GB free disk space. not bad for 100$.

Rsyslog is generally fine for any linux based system, and easy to configure for remote logging.
Syslog-ng works too, but takes a little more to configure.

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