HI all

i saw many topics around here but non to conclude it in the end.

I managed to move my Elasticsearch stuff away from the main disk.


I created a new HDD, mounted it under /mnt/data/

the original Elasticsearch data is in:

first, i copied all the contents into the new location - i did not used move, for safety reasons

cp /var/lib/elasticsearch /mnt/data/elasticsearch/lib/
cp /var/log/elasticsearch /mnt/data/elasticsearch/log/

then i renamed the folders
mv /var/lib/elasticsearch /var/lib/elasticsearch2
mv /var/log/elasticsearch /var/log/elasticsearch2

then you delete the elasticsearch folders

rm -R mv /var/lib/elasticsearch
rm -R mv /var/log/elasticsearch

then you create the links

ln -s /var/lib/elasticsearch /mnt/data/elasticsearch/lib/
ln -s /var/l0g/elasticsearch /mnt/data/elasticsearch/log/

then you give permissions

chmod 777 /mnt/data/elasticsearch/lib/
chmod 777 /mnt/data/elasticsearch/log/

REBOOT SERVER - if you only restart the service, you’ll get errors

worked like a charm.

After this you can delete the elasticsearch2 folders early created as safety under LIB and LOG in VAR folder.

you owe me a beer.

Thank you very much for the tutorial how to move Elastic-Data.

I don’t want to be picky, but that is not according to security best practises.


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