Stream tcp output dropping data

Updated: Looks like this may be a network problem unrelated to graylog. sorry.
Since upgrading to version 2.5 stream output in tcp format is dropping data. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix? Example:
DEBUG - got data [data removed for clarity]
“_message”:“2019-04-03 10:39:14.547 Notice: nbHTTP13010:
As you can see _gl2_source_input is incomplete which is not necessarily a problem if the rest comes in the next message. But the next message is this the beginning of a new message:
DEBUG - got data {“version”:“1.1”,“timestamp”:1.554302355124E9,“host”:“wma-ml036g3”,“short_message”:“2019-04-03 10:39:13.265 Notice: nbHTTP13010: METRIC|wma

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