Start page changes not applied (stream)

Hey. Installed Graylog 3.2.1. When I try to change the start page (stream) after the page is refreshed, the changes that I created fly off to the standard ones. The only thing that helps is to click save (search) and after refreshing the page, click load and select the previously saved one.
I can change anything in the dashboard, but I cannot make the dashboard created by the start page.
All actions are performed by the administrator.
Please explain as simple as possible for perception))

Привет. Установил Graylog 3.2.1. При попытке изменить стартовую страницу (stream) после обновления страницы слетают созданные мной изменения на стандартные. Единственное что помогает - нажать save (search) а после обновления страницы нажать load и выбрать ранее сохраненный.
Я могу изменить что угодно в dashboard, но я не могу сделать созданный dashboard стартовой странице.
Все действия выполняются администратором.
Прошу объяснить как можно проще для восприятия))

Привет @tetesh,

This is not possible in this version. But I like the idea and will see if we can make it a feature for the future.

As a workaround I would suggest a browser bookmark to the saved search page.

I am sorry that I could not be of more help.

Which version do you need to install?
Additional question:
When I change the dashboard, namely, I change No Override to Relative, after saving and updating the page, these settings are lost.
I want the standard to be Relative of 1 hour and maybe auto update log 1 second

I am sorry for not phrasing it correctly. There is no version which can do that. I meant perhaps in future versions.

You cannot persist the override settings.

You have to manually set the settings for every single widget.

Also the update cannot be persisted, because it can be a dangerous setting.

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