SOLVED: Unable to update aggregate rule

(Davide Pala) #1

Hi guys,
i’ve an issue updating an aggregate rule, when i try to do this i receive the error in this image , how i can troubleshoot?

(Tess) #2

Silly questions:

  • Is the URL shown in the error message actually the URL for the API?
  • Can you manually reach the API from your workstation?

(Davide Pala) #3

Hi Tess, thank you for the reply. Here’s a screenshot on the left an extract of my conf, on the right a curl against the API URL, as you can see all works fine.

(Jesse Hills) #4

Hi @davide.pala

What version of Graylog are you running? Have you recently done an upgrade?
What version of the Aggregates plugin are you running?

(Tess) #5

Thanks for that, good info!

By the way, you don’t have to use Imgur; the Discourse forum we use can store the images for you if you like :slight_smile:

(Davide Pala) #6

thank you for suggestion Tess, I think I was misunderstood, with curl i can reach the API url but issue still remain.

(Davide Pala) #7

Hi Jesse, current version is 2.5, i’ve update from 2.4

(Jan Doberstein) #8

as this is a 3rd party plugin :slight_smile:

  • did you check if the version you run is compatible with the Graylog version?
  • did you check with the plugin author?

(Davide Pala) #9

you’re right! i’ve forget this detail!

(Davide Pala) #10

Updating plugin to 2.4 solve the issue, many thanks

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