[SOLVED] Getting data in new docker compose installation

It’s been a couple of years since I last installed graylog. This time I chose the docker compose route.
This is the last line of the log, so I assume it is working.

graylog_1        | 2019-02-28 12:46:49,083 INFO : org.graylog2.bootstrap.ServerBootstrap - Graylog server up and running.

Then I try to get data in. I follow the instructions:

$ curl -XPOST http://localhost:12201/gelf -p0 -d '{"short_message":"Hello there", "host":"example.org", "facility":"test", "_foo":"bar"}'

The port is open in the docker-compose.yml:

  - 12201:12201

I get this response:

curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

I also tried with a GelfTcpAppender in my java application. Nothing gets through.
Graylog doesn’t show any errors in the log.

I should probably add an input. But I can’t find any gelf inputs. The closest I find is the Beat input. So I add it and add the port to my docker-compose.

And then there is a myriad of plugins to select from, many are deprecated, many have no release. I tried some. The best I got was a stream of error messages in graylog telling me it was the wrong version of beats protocol.

The above is just my way of showing that I tried to solve it myself.

So I have:
Fresh graylog installation
Java application (spring boot 2)

Can anyone tell me the recomended way of getting data from java to graylog?
I am open to use both graylog2.5 or graylog 3.0.

Last time I installed graylog it was very much just plug an play. I feel pretty dumb right now. :slight_smile:

You need to create a GELF TCP input via the Graylog UI in your browser.

When that is given you can ingest messages to that port.

Thanks for the quick reply.

This is the input selection I have in the gui.

I assume it is not one of these. Googling “Gelf TCP input” doesn’t provide me anything that is obviously the right choice.

Searching on the marketplace gives me this:


Matching ‘gelf tcp input’.
Sorry, nothing matches your query.

you might not notice from a UI level - but you can scroll in the dropdown …

Oh my god, somebody shoot me. :slight_smile:

And thanks, all is good now.

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