SNMP plugin - MIB load order

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I hope this is the correct place to address this.

I’ve been struggling with getting MIBs loaded in the correct order for use with the SNMP plugin (graylog-plugin-snmp). I saw the README file here which indicates:

Please keep in mind that some MIBs need to be loaded with a special order. To achieve this create numbered sub-directories in your MIB load path and place the files there in the right order. E.g. VMWare MIBs have to be loaded in this order:


So you should create a directory structure like:


I have tried the procedure above, but found that the MIB files still didn’t load in the correct order. I think I’ve tracked down the issue to the listFiles method used in the file. I’ve found indication here that:

The listFiles method, with or without a filter does not guarantee any order.

How can I guarantee that my MIB files load in the correct order?

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