SNMP Add On Configuration

I’ve installed the SNMP add on and configured the Input.

I’m receiving Traps but I can’t get the MIBs translation working.

I’ve put the mibs in /usr/share/snmp/mibs which is one of the default locations according to the test on the Input.

Some of the MIBs within this directory are within sub directories and some are directly in /mibs

Neither way seems to work.

Any ideas?

In the server log file I see Error loading MIB file: /directory structure/mibfile.mib

java.lang.NullPointerException: null

Why, you need SNMP ??..

Because many devices don’t have the ability to send syslogs, only SNMP.

try to use the syslog, and not SNMP, here we are talking about collecting logs, the best is to configure the syslog for sending and receiving logs @nick

Hi @Labidi as stated above I have some devices THAT DO NOT HAVE SYSLOG. They only have SNMP.

There is an SNMP Add-On in the market place and this is the Add-On forums.

SNMP also send log data, I am talking about sending and receiving logs.