Is SNMP support still broken?

Has there been anymore progress on Graylog supporting SNMP for log shipping? We still have several devices that are SNMP only for logs and while we can receive the data we the application of MIBs is still broken (so the data’s useless).

I raised a thread on this previously and was told it was broken (SNMP Add On Configuration) and I’ve not seen anything updated.

The SNMP plugin seems to have moved to the new Marketplace (SNMP Plugin for Graylog).

The blog post that sells this feature is also still available (SNMP & NetFlow Plug-ins Extend Graylog Network Infrastructure Support | Graylog).

Unfortunately, SNMP plugin is more or less abandoned. Several issues cropped up at the time (licensing, among others) that would have required a redesign. Maybe somebody in the community wants to take another stab? :slight_smile:


Or maybe the for profit company who built it originally that advertises this feature in still live blog posts and migrates it to a “new” marketplace might want to fix it :slight_smile:

Hey, Nick,

As you know, future SNMP support for log shipping is available to the Open Community as a challenge to pick up the gauntlet and maintain it in the Marketplace. Thanks for pointing out the 2015 blog post that features this technology. I’ve alerted our web and marketing teams to fix the confusion.

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Hi @dscryber, I didn’t know it was a community challenge, is this documented anywhere?

We don’t have any developers so we can’t fix it or maintain it. It’s been 7 years since launch and no ones fixed it yet so perhaps no one wants to!

Not all your customers are IT shops. Broken functionality like this is one of the reasons we didn’t purchase an Enterprise subscription originally and keeps us from purchasing now (though not the only reason).

Also I’d be shot if I used company resource to deliver capability for the benefit of a company that we were paying a subscription to for the product!

It’s all very well for large IT/Tech organisations where a bit of resource to do this is a drop in the ocean but not for the other 90% of organisations out there. I wish the OS community understood this more!

Hey, Nick,

Thanks for the feedback. The community is a great forum for making your voice heard. We have many staffers who read (but typically don’t post) to the community. Just to ensure that members are heard, I’m forwarding your post to a team that should see it. Thanks again. If at some point you’d like to speak with me about it, please feel free to email me at

I’m glad you’re a member here!

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