SMTP Configuration With Docker

My organisation is trialing Graylog before buying and we are having a few issues with email notifications.

I am trying to configure Graylog’s SMTP settings via env variables however, I still receive the error “Notification has email recipients and is triggered, but email transport is not configured. Email transport is not enabled in server configuration file!”

I have the below variables set.


Any idea on how to get this going. The documentation does not have a lot of info on this?

@ipv89 Given SMTP configuration on Graylog servers looks fine to me. You should check with your Mail Server administrator to permit mail transport from the server. Also, you can check in case your firewall blocking it or not.

Hope this will helps you :slight_smile:

he @ipv89

you left out how you started Graylog … Docker-Compose or similar. But what I can say, you need the Prefix GRAYLOG_ before the settings. Like written in the Docker specific parts of the docs.

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