Slookup, Pipeline Rule

Hi Guys,

I would like to ask from the slookup plugin.

So I have to create a pipeline with this function.

I have one stream and the graylog parsing every line separately. So I have to do the next…

I have a “computer_name” in the “Host” field, in one line, and I would like to collect the other informations from the separately lines.
I used the next pipeline but it is still not working…

rule “DLP”
let system_info = slookup(“5b72d9e9de6c337accc9b3e6”, “computer_name”, “Host”, [“timestamp”,“IP”,“MAC”], “300”, “desc”);
set_field(“timestamp”, system_info[0]);
set_field(“IP”, to_string(system_info[1]));
set_field(“MAC”, system_info[2]);

I attached a picture from the schema.


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