Sidecar WinLogBeat problem


i had a strange Problem and i hope somebody can help me!

I have started a Beats Input and a collector configuration.
If i started the Windows Sidecar Service i can see the hundreds of messages come in (on upper right side IN/OUT selection) but i can’t see any message in “search” selection.

I think the messages came in in a wrong format.

I check it like this: If i change the input port to a RAW TCP Port something like that come in:

On Logs I find such things:

ERROR [DecodingProzessor] Unable to decode raw message…
ERROR [GelfCodec] Could not parse JSON…

Are there any known Problems with Windows Server 2012R2 as log Source?

Everything has the newest versions! GL 2.3, Sidecar 1.1

Need your help! Any Ideas?

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