Server currently unavailable error is coming while trying to access from browser

Server currently unavailable

We are experiencing problems connecting to the Graylog server running on Please verify that the server is healthy and working correctly.

You will be automatically redirected to the previous page once we can connect to the server.

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This is the last response we received from the server:

Error message
Bad request
Original Request
Status code
Full error message
Error: Request has been terminated Possible causes: the network is offline, Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin, the page is being unloaded, etc.

and did you checked the log files?

I have this same issue and the logs show no errors.
[ServerBootstrap] Graylog server up and running

What I believe is the problem is the private ip. Obviously I can not browse to the private IP.
If I set the rest_uri to the public ip the system wil not start

2017-04-04T17:50:02.623Z ERROR [ServiceManager] Service JerseyService [FAILED] has failed in the STARTING state. Cannot assign requested address

The web uri is the public dns name associated with the public ip.

If the web uri and the rest uri are the same ip and port I get the “esperiencing problems connecting to the Graylog server running on …” but the logs show no errors

okay I seem to have it working.
Set the rest_listen_uri to the private ip on the host that the public ip NATs to.
set the web_listen_uri to the private ip on the host that the public ip NATs to
set the web_endpoint_uri to http://public IP :9000/api/ ( this is basically the same as the rest_listen_uri but with the public ip instead of the private IP )

i have the same challenge , but now my question is where do i get the public ip because my server only has one IP address

then i also have an issue with my elastic search its on the same server with graylog ,some time it files load data to a dashboard until when i restart it first
jvm for graylog is 1xg and 1g
jvm for elastic is 2xg and 2g

my system is having 8gb ram and using graylog 2.5


do you mind opening a new thread and maybe refer to this one? I guess that the Graylog version above and your are not the same.

i am new to the platform i have tried to create a new thread but am failing