Sending log to multiple Logstash with GELF


Is it possible to set multiple logstash ip addresses for gelf-address?

In this way even if one logstash node is down another one can handle logs.


I found an article related my issue.

Logstash instances are independent from each other. You can use HAproxy, some kind of DNS-based distribution, or native round-robin support (where available;
e.g. logstash-forwarder randomly picks one of the IP addresses for A records that resolve to multiple addresses) to distribute the requests.

In my case, there are two logstash containers that exist separated nodes(Docker Hosts).

It does not work.


listen graylog :12203
  mode tcp # udp does not work?
  option tcplog
  balance roundrobin
  server graylog1 check # for logstash on a local Docker Host
  server graylog2 check # for logstash on a remote Docker Host

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