Security Hub in R using Graylog

Security Hub in R using Graylog


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Security Hub in R using Graylog

created by knilda from IT-Consulting

An overview of firewall log data in R via Shiny App. With the R Shiny App, it is possible to display an interactive graph showing all network connections passing the firewall.

Live Demo here:

See a short demo video here: Intro to: Security Hub in R using Graylog - YouTube

This is the first version of the App. We select data from the last 6 hours of a graylog stream via elasticsearch REST API.

Approved in R Version 3.4.2 (2017-09-28) and latest version (at date 01.07.2018) of following packages:

shiny, jsonlite, elastic, dplyr, iptools, ggvis

The elastic stream is on a single index called graylog_1 and should include ‘timestamp’,‘full_message’,‘srcip’, ‘dstip’.

First run data_last_hours.R file in the folder shinyApp/overview_app to get the data. Then open server.R and press the “Run App”-Button.

I am open for any Questions, so please ask.