Juniper SRX firewall and routers

Hi there,
We are using Graylog 4.0 and I need help in configuring streams for Juniper routers and firewall traffic and security logs. We have configured network traffic and security logs forwarding on 514 UDP and I can see the data coming into Graylog from the devices. Can you please guide me on following:

  1. How can I configure Graylog for getting most from the Firewall and routers in terms of configuring monitoring? If anyone is using Graylog for juniper , can I please get some advice?
  2. Is there any plugin or content pack available in Graylog market place to monitor Juniper Firewalls logs?

Thanks in advance

Hi, Raynu,

I’ve moved your post to Daily Challenges for more visibility. Can you provide any additional information, such as screenshots or configuration data or output? Visual information typically helps to get responses quicker.

Thanks for your input. I have setup any. any in my juniper log forwarding setup. So, I am receiving System syslogs and Security flow/log streaming of session data e.g. meta data.
I can see the logs are forwarded to the Graylog but want to know if someone has any experience in setting the correlations and any best practices to be recommended for configuring the stuff on Graylog side?

We already have Palo Alto firewall setup on Graylog. There are plugins available for Palo Alto and could see some good documentation too but nothing specific to Juniper.


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