Searching question

Have a quick search question. Having trouble matching anything with a wildcard after a specific string in a field. Here is an example that works.

cs-host:nmvtis.ssy.local AND cs-uri-stem:\/api\/vin\/VHR\/99999999\/2D4GP43LX5R341187

I haven’t been able to get a trailing wildcard to work at all in this context. Is this not allowed?

cs-host:nmvtis.ssy.local AND cs-uri-stem:\/api\/vin\/VHR\/99999999\/2D4GP43LX5R34118*

I feel like I’m missing something terribly simple here as I feel I have had successful widcard searches previously against other fields.

The way you can query fields depends on how which tokenizer and which analyzer have been used when indexing the message.

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Thank you for the Reply Jochen. I’ll take a look at these. I’m guilty of looking first at Graylog documentation and forget too quickly that elasticsearch documentation may have my answers.

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