Searching special characters

Hi all,

I try to understand escaping and wildcards but seem to miss something very basic.

For example I do not even manage to search for a “.” or “-“ character in the message field.
Neither one of the following expressions returns all messages, that contain the character:








Thanks for your help

(I am using the virtual appliance Graylog 3.2.4+a407287)

Did you check docs?:

According to I would have expected the following:

Searching for string “testing…”

Query: testing…
Expected: returns messages
Result: returns messages

Query: testing
Expected: not returning messages (as “…” is part of the string with no white space between)
Result: still returning messages

Query: *…
Expected: returning messages (as * should act as a wildcard for the substring “testing”)
Result: not returning messages

As my queries do not employ a regular expression, I would have expected “.” to be a standard character.

What am I missing?


Hi all,

any hints on how I do search for “testing…” without finding “testing”? (I.e, require the “…”).

I do not get the concept at all :frowning:



he @Kirt

your leading wildcard search will only work if you have that enabled in Graylog. When you search for the string - you should quote that string. Like described in the docs.

Thanks for the asnwer,Jan.

My example with the leading wildcard was not carfully picked. Sorry. Yes, I saw that leading wildcards have to be enabled.

What I do still not understand, is the very simple basic search for a string, that contains “…” (three points).

Text in the log e.g. is “Some text test…” (Without the quotes).

What will I have to enter into the search field to find all lines with “test…” but not with only “test”. (without the quotes).


he @Kirt

the main question is - do you search in the message field or do you search in a different field?

The message field is analyzed field that means that the content is split into terms based on the active tokenizer.


Default Tokenizer

As this is based of words (see links above) your dots are not searchable. Because they are no words.

Should the content be in a non analyzed field where the content is simple seen as a string, your search would be possible.


Thanks Jan! This explains what I see. I do indeed search the full_message and message fields.

After having a short look at the tokenizer: Wouldn’t it be better to use the whitespace tokenzier when dealing with log messages? While “test” and “test.” might be very close in a spoken language, it’s likely to be completely different in a log file. This is just asking your opinion.

Will there be another way to search for “test…” in analyzed field?

Thanks again, as I finally know the reason why my search is not working as expected.

he @Kirt

you could change the tokenizer and check if that is better for you. We did not change the default tokenizer to not change/break the behaviour and make it inconsistence for running setups.

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