Searching query with alternative for "Group by" in SQL

I want to filter my logs on applying a query by grouping events by request ID which is duplicated

Could you provide a little more detail? Maybe an example of the data and the result you are trying to obtain?

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I have many requests with the same “RequestId” displayed on my events logs on graylog, I want to get the number of requests per second so I’ll group requests by each ID and search how to get the total number per sec

If I understand your use case correctly than this is not possible in Graylog right now.
It will be possible with the Enterprise Version of Graylog 3.0. And later this functionality will be released
to the open source version as well.

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Got it
Thank you @konrad

@konrad is there any alternative to such thing like that ?

I am sorry, but as for now there is no way to do it. :frowning:

Okay @konrad
Thank you

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