Group graylog queris by id

I have two different queries and I want to group them with id and create a single query.
I couldn’t find an answer here:

Hello and welcome,

By chance do you have the Enterpise Version of Graylog?

From what I understand this might not be posibable with the free version of Graylog as stated below

Thank you for your response,
I do have Enterprise Version. I don’t know how to use it to group my queries with id.
I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

Hello @ncmfn,

Could you be a bit more precise on what do you want to achieve? That makes it often easier to find alternatives or ways to reach your goal.

Thanks in advance.

- Konrad

I have an application logs and each user have an unique user id.
Also each request have an unique request id, but many logs might be sent for a request with its request id .
this is what I’m looking for:

Hey @ncmfn,

I was out of town and now I am back! Sorry for the delay.

So you mean basically something like this:

Graylog (12)

That would be indeed part from 3.0 upwards.
If you mean something else please let me know.

- Konrad

Hi @konrad,
that is exactly what I’m looking for.

So as said you can do that from 3.0 on (I think there only with enterprise) but with 3.3. (what I tested at least) also in open source. Here is a gif how to do it in 4.1:

In 4.1 we changed the UI but the idea remains the same.

- Konrad


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